New Supplies

Gots me some stickers from Redbubble and I bought my own journal from society6, as well as my own pencil bags from redbubble!

I’m planning on putting doodle ideas in my mothman journal, since I accidentally got the lined journal not the blank journal.

Also some brush pens, ink, white gel pens, and an ink pot.


Weenie Sketch



So if you don’t know, Weenies are a term for iconic landmarks in the Disney parks, and I am hoping to show my affection for all Weenies with some weenie sketches of all the places I deem as “iconic landmarks” in the Disney World Park.

And what a better weenie to start with than the Castle in the Magic Kingdom!


Ooh! She’s a Space Angel!


Just messing around with some cosmic ray’s doodles.


Little Warrior Update

So here is some update art on the little warrior comic thingy that I talked about in a previous post.

I’m planning on the locations and people having their own color schemes, such as with the forest then it would be a green color scheme and with the princess’s castle it would be pink.

I might upload a picture of what I mean at some point but for now this will do.


Character design

I recently started up a roleplay group based around magical girls/boys that have a punk type of outlook and also have origins based very very loosely on Egyptian mythology.


This is my character that I plan to use alot more, the other charcter is more-so just as the head of the group itself… Not really for much roleplay use.

But this is Birdie, she is a short girl that gets picked on for her size so she tries to make up for it by being tough.



As you all know I will be taking a trip with my friend Ann to Disney World and I thought that we should also take our own autograph books!

Ann really likes Elsa and I really like Rapunzel, so I figured that I would make our own autograph books that way we can get signatures from any of the characters we want to see.

(mostly because I think that is some fun shit)