New Supplies

Gots me some stickers from Redbubble and I bought my own journal from society6, as well as my own pencil bags from redbubble!

I’m planning on putting doodle ideas in my mothman journal, since I accidentally got the lined journal not the blank journal.

Also some brush pens, ink, white gel pens, and an ink pot.


Little Warrior Update

So here is some update art on the little warrior comic thingy that I talked about in a previous post.

I’m planning on the locations and people having their own color schemes, such as with the forest then it would be a green color scheme and with the princess’s castle it would be pink.

I might upload a picture of what I mean at some point but for now this will do.

Character design

I recently started up a roleplay group based around magical girls/boys that have a punk type of outlook and also have origins based very very loosely on Egyptian mythology.


This is my character that I plan to use alot more, the other charcter is more-so just as the head of the group itself… Not really for much roleplay use.

But this is Birdie, she is a short girl that gets picked on for her size so she tries to make up for it by being tough.


As you all know I will be taking a trip with my friend Ann to Disney World and I thought that we should also take our own autograph books!

Ann really likes Elsa and I really like Rapunzel, so I figured that I would make our own autograph books that way we can get signatures from any of the characters we want to see.

(mostly because I think that is some fun shit)