Vacation 08.29.17

I’m back!

So because I know no one really knows since I didn’t post anything anywhere, I was on vacation, I went to Disney World  (of course) and I had a wonderful time!

I was mostly making mental notes the whole time I was there to remember for when Ann and I go next year. Things like where to go at the airport, what the lines are like, what fastpasses will be most useful, if the dining plan is worth it, and extra things going on at the time which we could get in on.

The airport business is pretty simple, I just need to remember we have to take the tram to get to the baggage claim, and that there are multiple levels to get to where I need to go.

The lines are still pretty long but for some of the 20 minute waits in the park they actually turned out to be 15 minute waits- which was a pretty nice breath of fresh air.

Fastpasses that will be the most useful will be of course Pandora- not just one but all of them. Other fastpasses that will be useful will most likely be anything in toystoryland because when we go, there is a good chance that zone might be ready, sadly though I don’t think the gondola’s will be done in time when we go- but heck I can’t wait to get on those things!

The dining plan is a big one, so this time I went with my family and my parents were taking care of most of the food bills (thanks mom & dad ❤ ) but I was listening in on how much the bills were, granted the dining plan is basically you paying for food ahead of time but I feel that if it’s already said and done then we’ll still be saving money in the long-run. Especially since the resort mugs come with the dining plan, those things are so expensive! But we got our money’s worth for sure since we used them so much- so helpful tip, always get the resort mug.

And finally, the most exciting part is the extra stuff that I found is going on at Disney around the time that Ann and I will be going, and that is Mickey’s not-so-scary Halloween party! I went in October one year and they give you GRANDE candy, I am talking we had five bags and they were all filled to the tippy top with the good sh*t, I’m talking twizzlers, twix, snickers, reeses, starburst, lifesavers, m&m’s, and ect! And you even get to dress up in costumes- FREAKING EPIC! It is an additional cost and since it’s Disney then of course it’s not a little fee but I am more than willing to pay for it to do all this fun stuff! Like the Halloween parade, the Halloween show, and the Halloween fireworks!


Needless to say I went and came back with plenty of information for my trip next year, now all I gotta do is finish paying off the trip before I go and we’ll be right as rain.


Stay Cool!


New Supplies

Gots me some stickers from Redbubble and I bought my own journal from society6, as well as my own pencil bags from redbubble!

I’m planning on putting doodle ideas in my mothman journal, since I accidentally got the lined journal not the blank journal.

Also some brush pens, ink, white gel pens, and an ink pot.

06.17.17 Boy oh Boy

As far as work goes today was a bunch of fun,  and by fun I mean busy and by busy I mean having multiple people try to talk to me at one time.

I’m still pretty new to this job so the whole gig is kind of shaky with the details, however, I think I pulled through pretty well with some help from my supervisor.

first couple minutes was chaos in trying to straighten certain details out, and as all customer service jobs go the biggest thing you have to do with customers is fudge the details. Because say another co-worker missed something that they were supposed to fill out on a form … Well as a company you don’t want to let the customer know this and so you have to fudge a few things.

“I apologize it looks like we don’t have that in our system, could you fill that in again?”

It’s a simple fix but combined with other things it can be chaotic, luckily though I finally get to have my first cup of coffee in five hours after our hiccup has been subdued.


Feels good to finally have a place to vent and rant again, used to be my deviantart and tumblr, but this platform seems just as good if not better.


Welp I’m off to eat a sandwich,

Stay Cool.

06.14.17 Challenges

For some time now my brain has decided that it wants to shut down when it comes to my art, I’m having the hardest time trying to draw and I don’t know if it’s my diet or what is going on?

Well as I was watching some youtube (which has become  my default when I can’t figure out what to doodle) I started thinking that maybe I can’t think of anything to draw because I’m not challenging myself with anything anymore.

Another theory is that I don’t talk to my friends too much anymore, I got a full time job now and even with that I still don’t have a schedule that coordinates with my friends that well. That being said, I believe that my friends are a source of creativity because they make me happy and we say funny things that would be hilarious to draw and create.

I have a final theory that I now prefer to do digital art or that since I have been away from my home computer so long that I yearn for digital art which in turn causes me to push away doing traditional art (pretty weak theory but it’s there.).

Whatever the reason is I want to fix it though, so I want to try to challenge myself with doodles and prompts.

Anyway, that was my vent … This whole situation is so frustrating so I hope that it is over soon.

Stay Cool everyone.

05.18.17 story of my life

I’m never really as active on social media as I used to be when I was younger, but I guess that’s the trouble with having a full time job and before that, trying to make a part time job into a full time job.

Aside from the story that this could be, me talking about my trials and tribulations of finding work, I’ll turn the narrative around. It seems that sometimes others are threatened by success, by hard work, by a new face. Not my new face (of course) but the face of one of my peers in a seperate job from mine.

I’ll start at the beginning, my co-worker and I started a new job around the same time but in seperate departments, they are very good at their job and another person believes they are not as hot shit as myself and others believe them to be. I personally believe having another opinion can be fine, except when you bully other’s. They proceeded to tell my coworker that they were the last resort in the interviews and there was no other choice, that they were going to take their job, and just being unpleasant.

Yesterday, however, there was a note left for my coworker and it was a shit note! There were copies taken of it and it was dated, today I want to know how they plan on handling this because this is not acceptable.
And that is the story of my life.